Challenges to national security continue to evolve in efforts to destabilise the peace and safety we have in Australia. Shifting regional and global political alliances, new tactics of trans-boundary criminal and terrorist operations – online and offline- and the incessant rise of violent extremism across our region culminate into a complex, volatile climate. How can we plan, prepare and respond to outpace the would-be perpetrators?

The 5th annual Australian Security Summit (AuSec2019) provides the essential dialogue to help those at the helm of Australia’s security initiatives connect and share best practice.

AuSec2019 will bring together 300+ individuals ranging from the relevant National, State and Local authorities, as well as stakeholders and specialists from industry and academia from across the globe to discuss the key challenges, including: border management and surveillance, cybersecurity and trans-boundary crimes, protecting critical infrastructure, processing, exploiting and disseminating intelligence and ISR platforms for national security and building safer communities.

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