Challenges to national security continue to evolve in efforts to destabilise the peace and safety we have in Australia. Shifting regional and global political alliances, new tactics of trans-boundary criminal and terrorist operations – online and offline- and the incessant rise of violent extremism across our region culminate into a complex, volatile climate. How can we plan, prepare and respond to outpace the would-be perpetrators?

The 5th annual Australian Security Summit (AuSec2019) provides the essential dialogue to help those at the helm of Australia’s security initiatives connect and share best practice.

AuSec2019 will bring together 300+ individuals ranging from the relevant National, State and Local authorities, as well as stakeholders and specialists from industry and academia from across the globe to discuss the key challenges, including: border management and surveillance, cybersecurity and trans-boundary crimes, protecting critical infrastructure, processing, exploiting and disseminating intelligence and ISR platforms for national security and building safer communities.

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Government Heads of Policy, Strategy and Technology for:

  • National Security
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Infrastructure
  • Border
  • Cyber
  • Capability
  • Assessments
  • Data Science
  • ID & Biometrics
  • Intelligence
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The conference will be divided into a plenary and four streams to focus on:

  • Cyber security
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Borders
  • Safer cities

Cyber Security

Connectedness creates new opportunities for innovation and efficiencies for our nation; however, the age of enhanced connectivity naturally leads to more potential attack vectors. How can we strengthen our security posture to stave off, and counter, attacks from state sanctioned entities, rogue groups as well as individuals both external and within our organisation/s? This stream will address approaches towards risk to achieve a sustainable, and acceptable, posture.

Critical infrastructure

Considered high-value targets, the core assets that serve to sustain our thriving cities and communities are vulnerable to attack. As terrorists continue to search for vulnerabilities, so must we to ensure the preservation of our key infrastructure. What can we do to identify threats, protect and provide resilience to keep them operating and safe for the public?  This stream will examine strategies to secure our infrastructure from all types of attacks: offline and online.


Vigilance is a necessity as border security issues continue to pose challenging for developed nations around the world. This stream focuses on ensuring the continued safety of our Country, through the efforts of our national, state and local law enforcement agencies who combat the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, goods, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit.

Safer cities

To sustain our normal lives – at home, work, in our communities – we must protect the places where we congregate and its communities. As our communities grow and become more complex, we need to re-think our approach to policing that will allow us to achieve the optimal outcome. This stream will focus on identifying threats, protecting and building resilience to keep cities and its public spaces operating and its people safe.

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  • LEARN about the latest developments in national security from our high-level presenter line-up
  • UNCOVER tangible and practical tools and strategies to improve the performance of your government department or agency
  • PARTICIPATE in interactive thought leadership discussion rounds with your peers
  • NETWORK and benchmark with a broad range of over 300 national security leaders from across Australia and abroad – in the biggest national security focused gathering of public administrators in the southern hemisphere
  • STAY ABREAST of policy changes impacting public sector governance at a federal and state level and;
  • DISCOVER the latest leading-edge technology innovations through case studies and think tanks sessions with both users and suppliers

2019 Speakers


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07/09/2019 9:00 am 07/09/2019 4:30 pm Australia/Sydney Australian Security Summit 2019 Hotel Realm, Canberra


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        Hotel Realm
        18 National Circuit, Canberra ACT 2600

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