Government organisations have enormous data resources. Agency leaders and program management professionals seek practical, secure, and effective methods to extract the valuable information captured in their data repositories—from legacy systems to real-time.

While some organisations have mastered big data management, others still have a lot to learn. The ability to quickly interpret information separates those who will excel in data management from those who will struggle.

Now in its third year, the Cloudera Government Forum will give you strategies on how you can leverage standards-based, cloud-enabled, and open source data strategies for meaningful digital transformation.

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Public Sector Leaders from:

  • Federal Government Departments and Agencies
  • State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Territory Government Departments
  • Local Government
  • Senior faculty from Higher Education Institutions and academics with an interest in
  • AI and Machine Learning
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  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Future of Big Data Analytics
  • From strategy to implementation: Putting data to work at USA for UNHCR
    The Road to Transformation: Accelerating Mission Success
  • Using Data to Unlock Insights to Drive forward the National Economy
  • Advancing AI and Analytics in the Public Sector
  • Transforming Government Service Delivery
  • Strategies for Achieving Success with a Data
  • Science Practice in the Public Sector
  • Uncovering the complexities of developing and building a private, elastic, cloud system.
  • DataOps for Cloud
  • Machine Learning: Strategies for Achieving Success with a Data Science Practice in the Public Sector
  • Managing and Identifying Opportunities with Big Data for Public Good
  • Building a Platform for your Data Scientists
  • IT Modernisation with Machine Learning and Data
  • Science for the Enterprise
  • Cloud in the Public Sector
  • Artificial Intelligence 101 – How it works, what you need to know, what you can do with it and how it could all go wrong
  • Effectively Managing Data, Security and Risk -Mitigation in the era of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber threats
  • A new Framework for Public Sector Data Sharing and Release
  • Data Science with Cloudera on the Microsoft Azure
  • Government Cloud
  • Advancing your Data & Analytics Strategy – managing and making sense of all the data for actionable outcomes
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  • Gain insights into the impacts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Understand how data is driving Australian Public Sector innovation and creativity
  • Develop strategies and insights to increase data literacy across the Public Sector
  • Learn how to take a whole-of-life approach to drive and develop a Big Data strategy
  • Ensure the use of data is ethical, secure and stored safely



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12/05/2018 8:00 am 12/05/2018 4:45 pm Australia/Sydney Cloudera Government Forum 2018 QT Hotel, Canberra


Public Sector


    Limited Availablity
    Full Access to Conference
    Lunch and refreshments provided



      Full Access to Conference
      Lunch and refreshments provided

      QT Hotel Canberra
      1 London Circuit,
      Canberra ACT 2601

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